Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo Shoot of the Kids

After lunch yesterday, I took the kids to the train track just across the highway to take some pictures. They were a little scared that a train would come and they would not get out of the way fast enough. I reassured them that we would be able to hear the train before we could see it and there would be plenty of time. The sky was overcast which made for better pictures. I did have to promise a trip to the library if they were good during this process. We went to the library in Grande Prairie which has a huge kids section. We brought home some great books.
Chloe loves to show her affection towards her brother.

One day holding hands will not happen. So I need all the pictures I can get now!

Russell loves to kick rocks.

I love his smile with missing teeth.

She loves to move fast. I like how her pig tails are up.

I was taking pictures of Russell when Chloe found the dandelion. I told her to stop so I could get situated for some pictures. She thought she was in trouble! Then she could blow as much as she wanted.

I'm glad the kids like getting their pictures taken. It makes my job a little easier.


S&K Weich said...

Those are cute. Russell looks a little unsure in the affection photos, but I guess that comes with being a boy. Now you can replace some of the ones in your frames with new ones.

The Letniaks said...

Those are really, really good pictures of the kids! I love the setting on the train track - I've seen that done lots and it is such a nice effect. Great job!

Trent McKeage and Randi Sparks said...

Love these pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Linda said...

I would like to frame some of these photos, like in a 3 pictures of 5x7. They are colorful and expressive. Russell doesn't seem too sure about Chloe being so close in some pictures.