Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chrtismas with the Whitmore's

We had a photo shoot with the grand kids outside. What fun. Russell and Chloe really liked having Reid and Haeli around to play with.

Getting ready to dig in.

We also set up the camera and took some family pictures. The last time they had a family photo done was when Haeli was a baby. So that means no Reid, Lana, Russell, Chloe or me. It was past due.

Wes and Lana stuck a quick kiss in there!
Uncle Alvin shoveled off part of a slough so the kids could skate. The weather was beautiful and Chloe had a ball with the hockey stick. Uncle Alvin showed her how to have a face off. The ice was fairly smooth as well.

We are heading home in the morning. We have a had a great holiday and have enjoyed visiting with lots of family near and far. When we asked the kids about the whole Christmas experience, they replied it was getting to play with their cousins and skate outside.


S&K Weich said...

There's no mistaking that Russell is a Whitmore! And Chloe is a Pfanmuller! Their cousins have sure grown up! They look like they had a really fun time and Chloe would have loved the hockey lesson.

S&K Weich said...

Dear Karla's blog: You need an update. I know there are pictures on Karla's camera just waiting to be uploaded to you. Please get back to me so I can come to you and read something new.