Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas #1 and #2

We started the Christmas festivities at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve. Curtis did not move too far from this chair the whole evening. He sat there and snacked.
Russell and Chloe both received these beautiful Nathan Green paintings from Grandma and Grandpa to hang in their room. Both kids love to look at the things on their walls when they go to bed and get up. These paintings are very special.

Russell has wanted a house coat for a long time and finally has one. Now he does not need to wear PJ's to bed since he has something to wrap up in in the morning. He is a very hot person and sweats during the night. We have tried to convince him to just wear underwear to bed but have not succeeded until now.
On Christmas morning, we opened some presents are our house before the rest of the company came over. Because the kids opened presents the night before, they were not that anxious to open first thing in the morning. I had a chance to get the turkey in a finished preparing the rest of the food for lunch before we opened gifts. Sunday we are heading to Curtis' parents to have Christmas with them, his sister and her family, and his brother and his wife. We will be there for the week.

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