Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Fun at the Whitmore's

Briana was over on Thursday for a visit without her parents. Russell and Chloe could not wait to take her outside. She does not look overly impressed here because Chloe tried to get her in the calf sleigh by sending her face first. She was centered at her waist and was balancing there. Once she got going she had fun.
Russell ended up doing most of the work. Russell got her out of the sleigh and she walked around in the snow and tried to keep up. Soon she will be going down the slide and able to run in the snow. The temperature was around 0 degrees and beautiful. Chloe and Russell got their exercise from pushing and pulling the sleigh and Briana got hers from trying to walk in the snow.

These pictures are when it was a little colder but still fun to play outside. Russell and Chloe love to pose for the camera.


S&K Weich said...

That's so cute. Look at those older cousins taking care of the younger ones. I love it. She has so much with her cousins.

C&K Whitmore said...

They wear her out and that is good!