Friday, January 22, 2010

Russell's New Room and Other Stuff

Here is the beginning of a lot of work. The end result was worth it. He is sleeping in his new room tonight and was very excited. There are no doors or trim yet, that will come next week. The walls look kind of gray in the picture but they are a chocolate brown color.

The hooks by the door and his closet are his favorite parts. He can now hang up his clothes easily and all the books are right there. There were too many tractors in the living room so now he can back them in his closet.
Russell helped me carry everything downstairs today. We did not want to wait for Daddy to get home. The dog loves the carpet on the floor and keeping them company. With the in-floor heating and carpet, it is enjoyable to play on.
The hill around our walk out basement has produced hours of fun. With the rain a little while ago and the snow packed it is perfect for sliding. I think it might be too slippery now because there were some crashes.
Two moose decided that the sunflowers from summer were good for scratching their noses and munching on. It was all fine until they were walking right next to the house and making themselves right at home. Ranger will bark at them but not chase because they are not scared of the dog. After getting tired of listening Ranger bark while we were trying to sleep, Curtis put on his boots and fired the bear banger in the air. They continued to look at him so the next flare was right at them and we have not seen them since.

Kim and I have a sushi feast one Saturday night. This was our first attempt at it and I was well pleased.

Two years ago John Deere gave us a natural gas BBQ for Christmas. It has sat in our garage unused until now because there was no gas plumbed to the garage. Last Sunday, Dad and Curtis worked all day to put gas in the garage and out to where our deck is going to be. It is so nice to light and use. It comes with a rotisserie and all the bells and whistles. We will be grilling in the snow!


S&K Weich said...

Looks good. Glad that project is done. Probably feels good to have part of your basement done. Sushi looks good, too. Dad really liked the sushi I made. Looks like I'll have someone else to make it for now.

The Letniaks said...

Good job on the room, Russell will probably love his independence down stairs! Looks like you guys have been keeping busy - the sushi looks good, but like a lot of work!! :)