Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Life

This must have been one of the kids using my camera. They love taking pictures and Daddy is a great, enthused subject!
Cassy came for more cuddle time with the puppies. They love to be held. This one is sleeping so hard.

More picture taking practice.
Last week the County of Grande Prairie had a BBQ to unveil the new ladder fire truck. There are now more fire halls in the country instead of just in towns and cities which is nice. The kids loved the trucks.
The ladder reaches 150 feet.
Beaming with excitement.

Russell is calling Chloe over.

He's ready to go.

We asked one of the fire fighters if the kids could try on a hat. Chloe wanted to try on more clothes but thought we might start something with all the other kids wanting to try some on too.
It even fits, sort of.
Such a huge smile. She was vibrating with excitement. So cute.

We are leaving on Friday for Camp Meeting to spend the week. Curtis is staying home and holding down our fort as well as the neighbors. Mom will stay with me for the week. The kids are really excited to go. They are now old enough to be dropped off at their meeting and they can go back to the trailer on their own. They also have enough stamina so naps are not needed. Primary is kept busy all day so there is not lack of things to do. Mom's half brother from Washington State will be here at the end of Camp Meeting so we are coming home the last Friday to be able to see him and his wife. Curtis likes the produce from the garden so he will take care of it while I'm gone. Not sure if the lawn will get done though!

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Steven and Kimberly said...

Curtis looks miserably sick. I can't believe how mature Chloe's face looks. It will be a quiet house when those puppies are gone.