Monday, July 18, 2011

Alberta Camp Meeting 2011

The weather finally warmed up towards the end of the week at Camp Meeting so the kids could go use the slip and slide.
Ready for the water.
Chloe getting instructions on how to use the reins to steer the horse.
Here comes Russell in some soap.

Russell loved being able to take the horse by himself. He drives the horse like he steers the quad, with little corrections like a steering wheel. The horse was getting confused by the end of the ride.
Sabbath afternoon hike.
Winston Jr., Andrew and Russell
Up those long stairs. It was nice to get out for a walk after lunch and explore.


Wild Kat said...

Campmeeting is always so much fun, I love the one of Chloe in the riding helmet. Horseback riding was always my favorite part!

Linda said...

Other than the rain and mud, it was a great campmeeting. It is nice when the kids get older.