Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Changes

Oh how our little Chloe Jane has changed. She is full of life, smiles, hugs, love, and laughter. She is only about 10 days old here with Uncle Steven. She is wearing a newborn sleeper.

One month old.

Chloe would sleep anywhere. She was tired and Daddy got her to sleep.

Ready for church.
Her first taste of ice cream from Grandma Whitmore. She loved it. It was hot outside and Grandma wanted to cool off.
Eating strawberries.

Chloe's pal Ranger.

When she just turned 6.

She has really grown up in the last year. She grew 5 inches in 10 months. Her face has changed as well. We are really enjoying the little girl she is. Chloe is full of hugs and smiles. She has a love for people, animals and activity. She is always on the move. Chloe is going into grade 2 and learning lots.


The Letniaks said...

Not only has Chloe changed!! :) Great pictures - how time flies! Happy birthday Chloe!

Linda said...

A great tribute to Chloe for her birthday. I remember all of those times, and I am so happy I have gotten to share them with everyone. I am hoping for many more.