Sunday, May 1, 2011

While at Grandma's....

The kids have their old bikes at the farm. There are lots of places to ride and things to explore. Out the bedroom window Grandpa caught Chloe washing the bikes in the puddle by the house. She had a piece of wide soggy grass and dipped it in the water. She is very creative.

Now it's time to wash the other bike.

I like the expressions on her face. Surprisingly enough, the pants only got a little wet and the shirt a bit splattered.

Kids and water, the two go together. It was such a beautiful day and no wind in the yard.

We know the kids will find the dirt so they never wear good clothes when at Grandma and Grandpa's. They always finish their day a darker shade of brown. Dirt is good for the soul.

Going to check out what Ranger is doing.

Russell and Chloe were very tired by the end of their day. They showered and put on their PJ's for the ride home. There would have been too many meltdowns if we waited till home to shower. Not too sure where Russell was during this time. They each spend time alone in their own little world. I love watching the kids and their imagination, so precious.


The Letniaks said...

Chloe is looking so much like a little lady! Great pictures. Nice you are having beautiful weather. We still have a bit of wind to keep it cooler but we are loving the sun! Great shots!

Chad & Lonita Reilly said...

I love these photos! And I agree that kids and water go together, and that dirt is good for the soul!!