Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Time

It's always lots of fun when an adult comes on the trampoline. We have been blessed with beautiful weather. Not quite warm enough for the sprinkler underneath but still nice.

We were at Grandma's on Monday. The kids, minus Victoria, sit at the island. This is all fine now until Victoria wants to sit there too and is old enough to be out of a high chair. There will be room made for her. Not too sure why Chloe is feeding Briana because Briana is a big girl. I think she wanted her to hurry up and finish so they could have dessert.

Chloe was with Grandpa for a part of the day and came back like this. She found this pink flag ribbon in the truck and wanted a head band to pretend something. So like a good grandparent, he granted his grand daughter's wishes. Notice the bug on her neck.
Russell and Chloe went fishing for trout in the dugout for the first time. It was not cold out but the mosquitoes were thick. Russell has lots of patience and enjoyed himself, Chloe too. I do not like fishing and have to patience for that kind of thing.

These are some of the pansies Russell picked out. I thought they would want to mix colors, wrong. He is so happy with them. The other ones are in the garden. I will take pictures of that later.
A little yellow pear shaped tomato plant for the kids. This will stay by basement door for the summer for easy access. I also have a container with scallop squash in it. There is a little container garden happening.
Chloe's pansies.
One of the pots in front of the house. This one is purple and white.
There are 2 pots like this. Curtis and the kids bought them for Mother's Day, without the flowers. This one is mainly red with a bit of creamy white flowers.
Yummy rhubarb. Rhubarb cake is one of my families favorites. With the extra heat from the house and the rain showers, the 2 plants are growing quickly. It is right out Chloe's window and she looks at it every day. This plant is a few years old and produces well. There is a smaller one behind it that is younger but is catching up. Love the time of year when I can garden. Russell and Chloe keep checking the raspberries to see if there are any yet. I think that is what they are waiting for the most.


The Letniaks said...

I love spring and all the flowers! We put ours in yesterday, can't wait for them to fill now. So lovely to see colours! They'll look great! have a great Sabbath!

Kimberly Weich said...

Like your new pots by the garage.

Wild Kat said...

Love the pics!