Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adventures in Spring

There has been lots of things going on here this last week and a bit. This was Russell and Chloe's last art class for the school year. The art instructor taught them how to draw lady bugs using letters. She was a great instructor and took time the each student. Not too sure why Russell is not smiling here because he was really proud of his creation and had fun. Before you add the pastel colors from chalk, the students traced over the lines with oil based crayon. When the chalk is added, the shape still remains.

Chloe wanted 2 lay bugs on her page and 2 leaves.

Track and field is a highlight of their school year. Chloe is doing her running long jump. The weather was warm that day.
After watching Russell run, I saw he has a really long stride. Look at those legs.
Russell taking his turn at running long jump.

Chloe has always been a fast runner. She is running the 200 meter here and is ahead of the crowd.
We had a beautiful rain the other day. It washed a lot of the dirt off the grass so when I mowed, it was not that dusty.
Curtis must have taken this picture of the rainbow. I found it on my camera when I went to download pictures. The yard is greening up by the hour. The trees now have their little leaves showing. Spring is such a beautiful time of year. Curtis is ready to get some seeds in the garden so if it is dry enough to till tomorrow, I'll plant some things. Happy spring everyone!!

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