Saturday, September 25, 2010

Russell and His Grandpa

This evening I went to take some pictures of Russell and his Grandpa. It was a bit too dark outside but we were able to capture some great shots.
Russell is telling Grandpa he is ready to race.

Walking and telling stories like boys do.
Russell defiantly looks up to his Grandpa.
These to boys look like they could easily fit back into the 1930's or 40's. Sepia editing suits them!!

This time of year is almost my favorite time. I love all the colors and the temperature. We have been blessed with great weather this last week. Russell and Grandpa have a very special bond. I's sure it will continue. These are special times.


Linda said...

We love these pictures of Russell and his Grandpa. They both look so relaxed and comfortable with each other.

The Letniaks said...

Your dad got rid of the beard! :) Great pictures of them together! Granpas are ALWAYS special!