Sunday, February 21, 2010


Russell was able to go with Curtis one afternoon while he was hauling equipment to and from Dawson Creek. So while the boys were gone, the girls baked cookies. Holly came over and helped Chloe make shape cookies which she was really proud of and wanted to share.
Russell and Chloe each made their own loaf of bread. Russell wanted to eat his and Chloe wanted to save hers and eat the big loaves so hers would last longer.

A quick photo shoot before church. Chloe had her hair done different and they were dressed in their Sabbath best.

This a cute picture of my niece and nephew from Manitoba. I found it on my computer and thought it was worth a post.

The Whitmore's have been very busy the month of February. With Russell and Chloe having swimming lessons twice a week, school, skating, and finishing the basement, I will be glad when the month is over and we are back to normal a bit. When we run out of drywall, we are taking a break. By then it will be spring and time to be outside in the yard and garden. Russell and Chloe are very anxious for spring to come and the snow to go.

We are still waiting for the arrival of a new cousin for the kids. They have been praying for Auntie Kimmy's baby and now want to see the little person that has been in their prayers for months.

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