Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cousin Fun

Russell and Chloe love taking Briana for walks and she loves to be on the move. They had her walking all over the church grounds yesterday.

Monkey see monkey do. Briana went to the window and was talking about something oustide so Russell and Chloe had to go see what was going on.

Auntie Karla got out her big bowl for Briana to play in.

These pictures are mixed up. Chloe has wanted her hair short for a while now. So today was the day. The top one is the finished product. She was a little bummed when there were still curls. I am tired of the hassle that goes on to have a barret in her hair to keep it out of her eyes. Because she had very hair until she was almost 3 years, she never got use to having things in her hair and does not like it done. Hopefully this will solve some of the problems. Curtis does not always put in enough conditioner or comb her hair before bed, so I am left the mess in the morning, which is getting old. Naturally curly hair needs a little more attention. It was hard for me to cut it this short but it is only hair. This does suit her personality. She is a very much wash and wear kind of girl. That is why her clothes have to be easy to get on a feel soft or she will not wear them. Does anyone else have kids like this or is Chloe the only one?

This is the before picture of her hair. She was with Grandpa spraying for awhile this morning.

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S&K Weich said...

That's who she reminds me off...Annie from the musical. She's a redheaded, short, curly-haired, freckled girl. I love the pictures of the kids together. One day, Briana will be more their size.