Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kid Fun and Owies

The last while has been nice and hot which we all love. Chloe thinks that girls can go without shirts like boys. So yesterday I was tired of saying no so she had fun running through the sprinkler with no shirt. I needed to water the grass anyway! Our basement will soon have the siding finished. We have been waiting for the J-channel for 3 weeks now so we can finish and it should be here tomorrow. From the back it looks like a 2 story house instead of a house on a basement.

Warming up in the sun and out of the water.

Russell has been saving his money from his birthday. So today when we went to town he brought his $70 and bought himself a new bike. He was so proud of himself. I only had to chip in $20 so that was a good deal for me. We shopped around and found one at Canadian Tire. When we got home he wanted to take it for another ride. Grandma bought Russell and Chloe both horns, so after Curtis put them on their bikes, away they went. Curtis and I came in the house while they were playing. Russell comes in about 10 minutes later so calm and says he fell off his bike in the driveway. I am not sure why he fell because he has been riding on 2 wheels for 2 years and has been up and down the driveway a gazillion times. Anyway, things happen and skinned arms do not feel great. He wanted to make sure I out the pictures on the blog tonight so Grandma could see the owie (Grandma has the most simpathy around here!). So Grandma, Russell would like a phone call so you can listen about his sore arms.


S&K Weich said...

Ouch...and Chloe, put on some clothes!! Little "boops" turn into big "boops" soon enough and a girl's gotta learn to cover those things up! Let me see if I can do a good grandma impression "Oh, poooooorrrrrr Russell. I'm soooooooooooooo sorry you hurt your arm. That must realllllyyyyyyyyyy hurt."

Linda said...

Say Kim, you aren't too bad at the impression. I will call Russell in the morning to ooh and aaah over his owy.

The Letniaks said...

That's too cute with Chloe - hopefully that changes sooner than later! ;) Otherwise Curtis might have his hands full!! Boys and their bumps and scratches - gotta love them. Thankfully it wasn't more serious.