Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grandparents and Husband of the Year Award

Last week Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore came for a visit. We went to the Weich Grandparents for lunch and a little visit. I had my ingrown toenails permanatly removed on my one big toe, so it was nice to have my mother-in-law her to help with the garden and meals. It was nice to hoe in the garden with company, it went alot faster.
I think Curtis should get husband of the year award. Today he rototilled the garden, put up the pea fence (it is sad that the peas have not needed it until now), watered ALL the trees, made supper and is going to do a little maintance on my truck. I am married to a great guy. My garden looks great even though it was touched by frost the other night. The good thing is the potatoes are blooming! I will post more later. I am getting ready to leave for Campmeeting on Friday morning. The kids are very excited. Curtis will stay home for the week and come on the weekend. On July 10 I will be meeting Curtis' sister and her kids in Calgary at Calaway Park for the day. So if any of you are going to be at Campmeeting, stop by the trailer.


Elaine and Murray said...

See you at Campmeeting.

S&K Weich said...

Yes, Curtis is a great guy. It's nice to be married to someone who you know will take care of you.

The Letniaks said...

It was great seeing you and the kids for a bit there. I find there is always never enough time to see everyone. Hope you enjoyed the rest of you week.