Monday, December 29, 2014

White Christmas

Since we live in an area where winter is one of the main seasons, we bundle up and enjoy the snow and cold. Winter is a beautiful time of year. The kids have a tunnel and a fort built.

One of the kids must have taken this picture. I guess that's what happens when I leave my camera out.
Christmas tree lights are the best part. We love just sitting in the living room with the soft glow and visiting.
Curtis being silly sporting his new jeans.
These are my favourite socks for winter.
The kids received a present for them both. They worked together opening and playing with the helicopters.
Christmas Day was spent at Mom and Dad's.
The adults played a game where we each had one minute to see how much we could unwrap. These gloves made the task very difficult. There were I think 5 boxes one inside of each other. Mom said 3 rolls of duct tape were used to ensure the empty boxes were tightly sealed. Steven ended up with the last box. It was fun to play and watch.

Notice the cheering in the background.
Victoria opening her mystery envelope.
The kids reaction as snow came their way.
Chloe and her doggy. She bought him some toys for Christmas and he loves them.

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