Monday, December 22, 2014

Hawaii Part 2

 This was what the hiking trails looked like. Rocky and bit slippery.
 Maui traffic. We found it easy to navigate around the island.
 We found this remote beach with beautiful sand and blue water. I put the camera back in the car and we went swimming. With both of us being raised on the prairies, we are not familiar with the ocean. We were out swimming and a wave came and rolled us both over under the water. Sand was everywhere. So the next while I spent trying to wash sand out of my swimming suit.

 We drove up to Haleakala National Park to hike down into the crater. The elevation was around 10,000 feet. I had a bit of altitude sickness. Once at the top of the crater, we started the decent downward. In 4 miles, there was a 3,000 foot elevation change. I felt much better at the lower elevation.

 The beauty was incredible. It did take us longer to hike back up.

 We visited a winery while on the island. Very interesting piece of history and how the different wines are made.

 Just over 1,000 miles were put on this car in a week. Curtis enjoyed driving it. The island is populated with Mustang convertibles.

 It was worth it to visit Pearl Harbor again.
 Bunker fuel that is still leaking from the sunken vessel.
 Last time we were in Oahu, the aviation museum was not open yet. A neat place to visit. This aircraft hanger is huge.
 The bullet holes are still there from the attack.
 Now that is a system of wires. I would not make a good pilot or aircraft mechanic. Too many wires and buttons.

 A foot print was made int he concrete  outside the hanger. I think the date was 1947.

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