Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Rock Climb

This year for Christmas, our family is not exchanging gifts. Instead, each family is planning an event where we can all be involved and have fun. Mom and Dad wanted to try out rock climbing. There is a climbing wall in Grande Prairie. So last Sunday, we all went, except Mom, she was sick. Steven finally had a chance to climb. He spent a fair amount of time ballying others.
This is an overhang Dad managed to get up. Not sure how he did it.
There goes Aunty Marta.
Russell and Briana having fun. Everyone made it to the top.
Even I made it!
Curtis was going up this one part that was like an overhang. He made it to the top but did say that is was hard. Victoria was too little to climb. Soon she will be able to. She did have fun running around.
I just missed a picture of Uncle Jeff. He was there too and did climb.

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Linda said...

I didn't see any pictures of Dad climbing either. Maybe he really didn't do it. I am sorry I missed the event.