Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Tooth Gone

Here is tooth #5 that Russell has lost. He likes pulling them out with dental floss. Angie (a friend who checks this blog and is a dental hygienist) will probably think I am crazy for letting Russell get teeth out this way!! I'm sure Chloe will want to do things different, she always does.

The finished result.

On Sunday, we went to Bridgeview Gardens, by Peace River, to pick up cucumbers to make pickles, 50 lbs worth. We made a day of it and took the kids by the river to throw rocks in the water. They could have spent hour doing that. Even Curtis and I thought it was fun.

Chloe figured out the bigger the rock the bigger the splash.

The ferry ride was also a highlight. The weather, scenery, and water were all beautiful.


S&K Weich said...

Curtis looks so impressed!

The Letniaks said...

Hey whatever works!!!! :) I'd rather that than see it dangling there by a thread like we do in some kids who will not pull out any of their teeth! Way to go Russell! Looks like the kids had fun by the river - I'd rather have been there than picking cucumbers! :)