Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Field Trips

On Tuesday, there was a field trip to the Grande Prairie Airport. There were some places I was not allowed to take pics. We had a tour of the inside and then a bus ride out on the tarmak which showed the kids all the hangers for helicopters, water bomber planes and STARS. They thought the fire truck was the best part. Today we went to a chicken farm just 6 miles west of our house. Before they could see the chickens, Russell and Chloe could not resist the kittens. They have 11 kittens from a few different moms. The owner of the house said any child unattended will go home with a kitten!!

Chloe was just beside herself with this little fur ball.

Russell was kind of scared to hold the chick, but once he knew that it was not going to hurt he went for it.

Chloe was trying very hard to be gentle. The chicks feet were tickling her hands. There were two eggs in an incubator that were ready to hatch because they already had a hole in them. There was no luck while we were there. The kids had a fantastic week with all their adventures. Russell and Chloe had each picked out some flowers they would like to plant. Today they helped plant their flowers. For Russell's prayer tonight he prayed and asked Jesus to help his pansies grow good!! My heart is all warm and fuzzy.
Have a great long weekend everyone.


S&K Weich said...

Russell is oh so sweet. I pray everyday that Jesus will help my pansies and garden grow good, too.

The Letniaks said...

Looks like you guys have been keeping busy - how many kittens did you end up coming home with?? :)

C&K Whitmore said...

Let's say that my childred were not attended so none. They really wanted to and Curtis wanted one as well.