Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Camping

 So the kids had a fantastic idea they want to go winter camping in our yard with their father. So they came up with a list of supplies needed and a plan. Today while Curtis and I were working in the craft room, the kids set up the tents, cut some wood, and prepared the sleeping tent.
 The sun was very bright today and the temperature just above freezing. We eat supper by the fire. Russell made popcorn for a snack.

 Chloe set up these mounds of snow with branches to keep the moose away. Not sure if it's going to work!

 We had some styrofoam insulation which worked good for the tent to sit on for warmth and dryness.
 Even Ranger enjoyed the afternoon on his bed. He will be staying inside with me tonight.
 I warned them that my bed was off limits during the night if they were cold. I left some lights on so here's hoping they have a good sleep. This is a true Family Day holiday.


Linda said...

I remember when you and Steven were about that age and wanting to winter camp. The only difference was that I slept outside in the winter with you. Dad was there too, of course. It keeps you busy staying warm, fed and dry. I hope they have a good sleep.

C & K Whitmore said...

I enjoyed my bed in the house.