Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Wonderland

 This was one morning last week when the temperature was below -25C. Living on a hill, we usually stay about 10 degrees warmer than other locations. Yesterday we were 16 degrees warmer than Mom and Dad's place.
 My kitchen windows face east. I never tire of looking at the sunrise. During the summer I don't enjoy as many sunrises because I'm still in a slumber state!
 This is looking to the southeast.
 The sky was lit up to the northeast as well. The time was around 9 am.

 On the weekend we received about 12" of snow. After the snowfall, the sun has been extremely bright. Everywhere I look there seems to be diamonds just laying on top the snow.

This picture was taken at about 3 pm. The sun is already sinking low to the southwest. The bright sunny days and beautiful sunrises make winter a bit more bearable.

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