Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kids are Growing Up

Russell has chosen for his winter activity to do a young masters class. It's a fusion type class of karate, ju-situ (not sure on the correct spelling), taekwondo, self defence, and wrestling. He is in a class with other kids his age and size, so it's not so intimidating because all the kids are about the same size. There are girls in the class as well which creates a nice balance.

 Chloe is playing soccer again for the winter. She really enjoyed her time there last year. We have a soccer net at home and with the beautiful summer we've had, she has enjoyed playing soccer at home.

 Ranger is still her best friend.
 In this picture she is giving Ranger instructions not to move and to look at the camera.

 Russell has even played a few times as well.

 Going for walks and enjoying the scenery in Northern Alberta doesn't get tiring.
 Ranger will be 9 years old this month. He still acts likes he's 2 sometimes.

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