Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day Festivities

 The weather was beautiful for a parade. We joined the Layton family and had a great spot along the parade route. Grandma and the kids.
 It was snack time for the baby.
 My boys. Like father like son?

 The kids had it figured out that the louder they shouted Happy Canada Day and waved their flags, the more goodies they received. They just sat there with their bags open and parade participants came and filled them.

 Who doesn't love a root beer float on a hot day. So we bought some A&W Root Beer on the way to enjoy floats.
 Ah yes, can't forget Tim Hortons.
After the parade we went on a little quad ride in the woods. A perfect end to the day.

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Linda said...

That was a fun day as well. Nice and hot.