Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Snow Melt Finally Came

 We have had an abundance of snow this year as well as snow on the ground for 6 months and 2 weeks. It was a LONG winter to say the least. Just to the north of us on the other side of Saddle Hills, the fields were bare. The first picture is looking to the south of the house.

 Water bubbling out of the culvert.

 Quite the little river flowing the field. One mile to the west on TWP 742.

This is one mile to west of us on RRD 54. Can't even see the driveway to the yard.

We are very thankful we built our house on a hill. This is where some of our water ends up! Water was not really starting to run until Wednesday. It was nice to see. Even though the wind has been very strong here the last few days, I'm thankful because it's helped to melt the snow. On Tuesday, the snow in the yard was still to the top of my rubber boots. As of today, the yard is free of snow and the grass is turning green!! The ground was not really frozen over the winter because of the amount of snow for an insulator.

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