Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas and Winter Fun

In mid December, a friend needed a ride south of Calgary to pick up her vehicle. Chloe and I were up for the ride so off we went. After we dropped her off, we thought it would be nice to surprise my in laws with a little visit. We were only about 2 hours away. After driving for 9 hours the day before, what's another 2! They were so surprised when we showed up at their door.

Who knew that Chloe would be there just in time to decorate cookies. This is something that I don't do and Grandma Whimore loves to do. The afternoon was fun making different creations.

 Even Grandpa decorated his snowman before he ate him.

 We celebrated Christmas for a whole weekend ending with the grande finale on New Year's Day with a big dinner. Chloe had been wanting boots and a pretty belt for a long time. She is smitten.
Can't go wrong with Lego. This will keep his mind going for a while.
I guess I was not paying attention to Chloe taking pictures.

 We went over to the neighbors to have fun sliding and skating. The weather was mild and a great time to be outdoors.

 Chloe is a very good little skater and enjoys being outdoors.
 The grandparents took their turn sliding as well.
Russell the shoveller.

 Looks like he enjoyed the ride.

 This is our version of curling.
Looks like a close game. The kids really enjoyed their 3 weeks off of school. We are all thankful the weather warmed up and were able to enjoy the great outdoors. January is a busy month with swimming lessons, a day of skiing and Curtis going to Calgary for 2 weeks for training.

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The Letniaks said...

What a nice surprise for your inlaws! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas too and nice weather!