Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Our yard this afternoon. The snow keeps falling. It is really pretty. I should have had the camera when we were out this afternoon to take pictures of our other fun. Curtis pulled the kids with the quad in the calf sleigh while Ranger ran beside and I drove the other quad. After retuning home, we went for a walk. So peaceful and quiet.

 Last weekend some students from Russell and Chloe's school came to Grande Prairie to do service work. The job was to tear down an old fence and start to rebuild the new one. This is Chloe and her friend Klinta singing for special music at church. Church was held at Kakut Lake. What a beautiful day it was.
 We took turns to act out Bible stories and to come up with "what God is" in that story. This is Dad throwing Jonah overboard.
 Russell is the large fish that swallowed Jonah.
 My group did when Samson tore down the pillars of the temple.
 This group did Samuel and Eli. Curtis is Eli sleeping and Samuel is getting up because he thought Eli was calling him.
 The tearing down stage.
 The planning stage for the new fence.
 Staying warm by the fire.
 The principle hard at work.
 Chloe and Klinta hauling the old boards into the trailer.
The weather was cold so Curtis brought the three younger children home. The others stayed till quite late working on the job. My friend Holly was over with her twins to spend the afternoon. When the kids saw her car in the driveway, they rushed in to hold the babies. These boys are in their glory holding two little baby boys. The twins had full tummies and were in a milk induced coma!

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