Friday, July 20, 2012

Babies Are Growing

 My friend Holly is a spectacular woman. They were excited about being pregnant. Then they received another surprise it's twins. Ryan and Holly have their work cut out for them!
 We were together the other afternoon and took some quick photos. There will be another photo shoot with her hubby and when her tummy is bigger. I know she feels big already. I'm glad it's her and not me.

I've known Holly for several years. Curtis use to work with her husband at John Deere. We soon hit it off and realized we had lots in common, mainly being stay at home women and cooking and baking. She has helped me several times with the kids when I need to shop for their Christmas presents, go to an appointment or need an extra hand. She is fun to hang out with and makes the Indian tacos. We are all excited in this family for the birth of the babies.

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