Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Luke the Horse

 This pair of geese were visiting our yard the other day, nibbling on some green grass. Ranger was in the house so they were relaxed.
 The kids and I were invited over to our neighbor's house on Friday to watch her have a dressage lesson with her horse Luke. The snow was falling but the temperature was not cold and there was no wind.
 I didn't realize there was so much rhythm involved in this sport. I learned a lot.

 Luke is showing off with his head tucked in.

 Now they are doing figure 8 patters. The sun came out and the rest of the afternoon was pleasant.
 Luke is a sensory horse and like to feel things with his mouth. That's why his head was turned. Luke liked the feel of my jacket in his mouth. Such a gently 4 year old boy.
 Chloe and Russell were able to ride Luke while he was cooling off.

 Can you tell she is in her element and happy?
 Russell was excited too. He just shows it in a different way.

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