Saturday, April 14, 2012

California Trip

While in California, to say good-by to someone who died too soon, the hostess of the house we were staying at had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. She opened up her home to all 6 of us from Canada. Mom and I with the kids drove to Abbotsford, BC to meet up with Dad's cousin. Together we all went in one van to Northern California.
On the left is Dad's first cousin, Ed; Mom, Russell, Deloris, Chloe, Barry, Dad's other cousin; and Ed's brother in law. It was great to reconnect with family I have not seen in years. Chloe fits in with the Pfannmuller's quite well.
The Whitmore SDA Church. No it was not named after us! Kids thought it was cool to be in a town with the same name as us.
Inside Richard's home. His wife is the one that passed away in March. Beautiful log home.

Their backyard.
Stopping on the side of the road for a potty break.

Love all the dafodils. They grow wild in the ditches. It was so pretty to see. Travelling with 4 adults and 2 kids, the odds were in my favor. It was nice to not be the only one responsible for the children. Curtis was unable to come with us on this trip because he couldn't take time off work. We are heading to Florida in 10 days for a holiday, so he had to pick. The kids loved being with Uncle Barry and Auntie Deloris. With Grandma there too it was like having 3 grandparents.

On our way to California, we stopped near Salem, to meet up with Mom's mom and to go hiking at Silver Falls.
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