Monday, February 21, 2011

Craft Room Cabinets

This is the planning stage of where the cabinets are going to go. I took awhile to make up our minds.
The other night the moon was very bright. There were shadows in the house during the night.
This is the upper ones done.
Some cabinets went on the other wall as well.
He is proud of the work he did.
This is the finished product on the one wall of the craft room. Where the white boxes are sitting on the floor, there will be a lowered counter top. There will be a light mounted under the upper cabinets to give light to the working area.The only thing missing here is the counter top as well. That will come in the next few weeks. There is so much room and only 1/4 of the space is occupied. Now I am ready to do more scrap booking. We are changing out the knobs to match the rest of the house. The cabinets look like new after being washed and oiled. They were in dire need of cleaning. Now they don't look 30 years old!!


Linda said...

You did a really nice job. The counter top will just finish. Curtis, maybe you would like to come and install some cupboards at my house in the next month or so?

Kimberly Weich, Certified Consultant said...

They look good. Looks like they were a good buy! Good job, Bil.