Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Trip, New Piano, and Gymnastics

Monday afternoon, we had a field trip to the Police station. The kids had a blast!! The officer let the kids try on her hat and vest.

Chloe and her friend in the back of the car waiting for the sirens to start.

We found an awesome deal on a VERY old piano. It was the owners grandmother's and is around 100 years old. All the keys work and the pads are like new. Once we have the flooring in Chloe's room and we are done rolling it around, we will get it tuned. Chloe has wanted a piano for years. She will not be taking proper lessons until maybe next year. She will be learning as she wants for now. The piano was in a walk out basement which made for easy moving. Curtis backed the trailer up to our doors downstairs and wheeled it in. Chloe is happy the piano fits in her new room.

Chloe has been enjoying gymnastics to the fullest. She is improving and is always trying to do her best.
Here she is trying to fall backwards, into a pit of foam blocks, and keep her body straight. After several tries, she got it.
This girl has upper body strength. She can pull herself up the rope and let herself back down. On the bars she can hold herself up as well.
Here Chloe is listening intently to see what the instructor wants her to do on the trampoline. Having a trampoline at home helps!! Gymnastics lasts for 11/2 hours once a week. She is tired and hungry on the way home!! One of the girls in her class is also a home schooled child and they see each other at other events.


The Letniaks said...

That's exciting about the piano! Those old ones have such a nice tone to them! She'll probably be playing for church in no time!

C & K Whitmore said...

That is her goal is to play in church. Right now she does not want to give up gymnastics to have lessons and is still too young to handle both. Grandma shows her things and she picks it up quickly. It feels more like a home with a piano!!