Sunday, April 18, 2010

Florida Vacation

Florida was full of fun times and adventures. This is Auntie Melody and my first time para sailing. Mom and I had met her for lunch, it was hot and we decided to have some fun. Mom had already been para sailing before so she stayed in the boat to take pictures. We were out on an 800 foot rope and about 400 feet above the water. It was very peaceful up there. The only wildlife we saw was jelly fish. There is a current that brings warm water into the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and then the current reverses in the fall and leaves. We could see this in the water. We are near Pensacola which is in the panhandle of Florida.
The beaches are known for the white sand which locals call sugar sand. It is beautiful and soft. The water was not that cold.
This is Mom and her other sister Rosemary which lives about an hour away from Melody. She came to spend a day with us.
Where the waves are is on the sand bar. Other wise the ocean was fairly calm. Being a girl from the prairies, I am chicken of the ocean and will not go out too far.
Auntie Rosemary and I was out to a sand bar. The bar drops off and as I jumped in a wave came and I was trying to avoid the yucky salt water in my mouth.

On Sabbath afternoon we went on a 4 hour canoe trip in a river with alligators and much more wildlife. We saw the tail of one alligator and the trails they make on the side of river. The reflections in the water were stunning. The first part of the river was quite whindy and there was no time for photos. Before I forget to mention, Mom and Auntie Melody did all the paddling. I had the seat in the middle and needed to stay still. The pictures are out of order as I have forgotten how to post!

All dressed up for church.
Auntie Melody is a landscape designer. She has the touch and eye for out door beauty. This is in front of her yard. We were able to go see this yard she takes care of. The owners have 4 acres on a bay. Their house is 17,000 square feet. Yes I have the right amount of zeros. There is an eight car garage, guest house, and property managers house. Anyway, Auntie Melody does all the landscape. The yard is absolutely beautiful. Due to privacy we were not able to take any photos. To maintain this yard, it takes Auntie Melody and her employee each 3, 8 hour days a week to keep this up. Like many other trades, your personal things are the last to get done. She has had all her plants for awhile and has not had time to put them in the ground. Mom and I were itching to get in some dirt. So on Sunday, Auntie Melody placed the plants where she wasted and we planted. The water table is only about 10-15 feet under ground. The soil is very sandy so peat moss and other things needs to be added. This is the finished product of the yard. I came back with some great ideas for our yard.

We started off in Orlando so we could shop at the outlet malls. I took an empty suit case to bring back goodies. Chloe needed the most clothes as she has out grown everything form last summer. Russell, Curtis and I also scored some new threads. Auntie Melody lives about 7 hours northwest of Orlando. It was nice to have a break from the kids for a few days. They did very well Grandpa and Daddy. Russell and Chloe were full of stories of what they did for the day and where they ate. I think between Grandpa and Daddy, they had burritos about5 times. I came back to Alberta at the right time when the weather was nice. Now summer does not feel so far away.


S&K Weich said...

The beach looks like a beach from the Carribean. Absolutely gorgeous. Yes, you did come back to some seriously nice weather. I have been having fun cleaning up my flower beds, too. Good to hear you had a fun time. And yes, next time, take Curt and the kids...they will LOVE it!

The Letniaks said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time - love the ocean colour!!!! Jealous :)