Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter Fun

Yes, Chloe is the one with the blue toque and looks like a boy. She is our Tom Boy!!

Russell trying to make the snow pile bigger.

Chloe just watching Russell make the snow pile bigger!!

We had a nice dump of snow on Friday night, enough that we drug the bottom of the car on the way to church. Curtis had the frame for the blade already mounted on the quad and was waiting for snow to have a chance to plow. Well today was the day. The kids spent an hour and half chasing the quad, riding on it, and getting covered in snow from the plow. Needless to say the kids and dog are very tired and have been sleeping since 6:30 pm. I am happy to see the snow because now Russell and Chloe have new things to play with (the slide is twice as fast in the winter).

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The Letniaks said...

You can send some of that our way!!! We sure could use some!